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  1. No Israel air strikes over Syria since S-300s delivered, says Syria military
  2. Iran on the mark for military reprisals to US sanctions. Israel conducts air, special ops drills
  3. Egypt: 19 attackers of Coptic pilgrims killed in shootout
  4. British police open criminal probe into anti-Semitism allegations against Labor
  5. Palestinians riot on the Gaza border fence yet again
  6. Gunmen kill at least 7 Coptic Christians on Egyptian pilgrim bus
  7. Retired police commander Moshe Edri is next police commissioner
  8. Israel takes part in US-led exercise in Ukraine against S-300s, hooks up with US-Kiev ties
  9. Bashir, Onetime Crony of Bin Laden and Iran, Wants to Be Friends with the US & Israel
  10. Has Iran the Economic Heft for a Military Challenge to US/ Israel?
  11. Europe as Battleground for CIA/Mossad War on Covert Iranian Plots
  12. Netanyahu takes off for Bulgaria
  13. US leans on Saudis to join Yemen peace effort
  14. Second female mayor wins Israel’s local elections
  15. Unconfirmed rumors of Yemeni president’s murder
  16. Eight killed in deadly car collision near the Dead Sea
  17. Unemployment soars among Iran’s university graduates. Galloping Inflation
  18. Brits claim prior knowledge of Khashoggi abduction
  19. More than 11,000 polling stations open for Israel’s local elections
  20. Netanyahu’s Gaza policy: De-escalation without war
  21. Putin to raise US exit from nuclear accord at summit with Trump
  22. Palestinians shot trying to blow a hole in the Gaza border fence
  23. Trump: We must all join our Jewish brothers and sisters
  24. Special forces posted at Jewish institutions across the US
  25. Bowers faces 29 charges for Pittsburgh synagogue mass shooting
  26. Suspect in custody after multiple murders at Pittsburgh Synagogue
  27. At least 8 people reported dead in shooting at Pittsburgh synagogue
  28. At least 4 killed, 8 shot by gunman at Pittsburgh synagogue
  29. IDF threatens to punish Iranian Al-Qods in Syria for Gaza missile barrage
  30. Netanyahu pays an official visit to Oman
  31. School bus disaster in Jordan. 17 dead. IDF helps rescue and search
  32. Another mysterious bomb package sent to Robert DeNiro’s restaurant
  33. Israeli Air Force hits 8 terrorist targets in Gaza after Palestinian rocket fire
  34. Single unknown hand or group seen behind explosive packages to US Democratic figures
  35. The UK to revoke visas for Saudi suspects in Khashoggi’s death
  36. Israel’s Aerospace Industries wins $777m “Barak” contract with India
  37. Turkey denies Sky TV claim that Khashoggi body parts found
  38. Opposition leader Livni: Jordan’s partial abrogation of the peace treaty is dangerous
  39. IDF exposes new Hizballah spy post across Lebanese border
  40. US Brig. Gen. Jeffrey Smiley confirmed wounded in Kandahar attack
  41. King Abdullah tears up two annexes of Jordan-Israel peace accord
  42. Lieberman orders Gaza crossings reopened
  43. Netanyahu delays evacuation of illegal Bedouin settlement
  44. Saudi admission of Khashoggi death leaves turmoil in Riyadh, fallout on Saudi-US relations
  45. Saudis confirm Khashoggi’s death
  46. More than 10,000 Palestinian rioters hurl 33 improvised bombs at Israeli troops
  47. Ten thousand Palestinians rioting on Gaza border
  48. Turkey Snatches Kuwait out of the US Orbit, Gains Another Foothold in the Gulf
  49. Netanyahu’s “Containment” Strategy for Hamas Is Bankrupt – First Holes in His Authority
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