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  1. Putin Tried Twinned Diplomacy to Cash in on Syrian & Libyan Conflicts
  2. The 2015 Nuclear Deal Is Dying. A Nuclear-Armed Iran Is in Sight
  3. Hizballah’s Nasrallah as Iran’s Secret Trouble-Shooter in Iraq. Sadr Joins Drive for US Expulsion
  4. Iran’s War of Attrition for US Forces in Iraq to Include Guerrilla Ops
  5. Three incendiary balloons reach Sderot – 2nd Gaza attack in a day
  6. Lists running for March election must be in by Wednesday midnight
  7. Pelosi to send impeachment articles to Senate on Wednesday
  8. New missile strike on US base north of Baghdad
  9. Soleimani assassination part of bigger strategy – Pompeo
  10. Shooting at US Naval Air station was “an act of terrorism”
  11. Iran, Hizballah gird up for guerilla, rocket attacks on US forces in Iraq, rockets against Israel
  12. Edelstein: Knesset immunity committee now would be “a bad mistake”
  13. US to expel 20 Saudi servicemen from its military bases
  14. Iran admits to unintentionally shoot down Ukrainian plane
  15. Tehran hands over to Ukraine black boxes of crashed Boeing
  16. Trump: Iran’s Soleimani planned attacks on 4 US embassies
  17. US slaps another pile of sanctions on Iran
  18. Bipartisan $3.3bn aid to Israel bill tabled in Senate
  19. Israel frees two convicted Syrians – part of prisoner swap deal with Russia
  20. Three Rival Powers Vie to Broker a Libyan Ceasefire
  21. Israel’s Qualms about Tackling Iran in Iraq
  22. Putin In Damascus to Keep Russia in Control against the Fallout of Iran’s Revenge
  23. Trump and Netanyahu exchanges views on Iran
  24. Mystery over deadly Ukraine plane crash. Iran won’t hand over black boxes
  25. At least 50 killed, 300 injured at Soleimani funeral stampede
  26. February 11, Iran’s Revolution Day, marks estimated revenge timeline for Soleimani’s death
  27. Americans in Israel warned rocket fire could come without warning
  28. Iraqi Shiite militia chiefs redeployed to Syria as well as Iran. Hizballah disbands Bekaa strike bases
  29. Nasrallah calls for US forces expulsion from Mid-East
  30. Rezai: Iran’s revenge will reach Israeli bases, Tel Aviv and Haifa
  31. Pompeo: US strategy focus is on Iran’s decision-makers
  32.  Iraq’s parliament calls for expulsion of US troops
  33. Five Somali Al Shabaab terrorists held after attack on Kenya-US base
  34. Australian army reserves called up to battle calamitous fires
  35. Iran poised to strike US forces, pulls militia chiefs out of Iraq. Trump: We have targeted 52 Iranian sites
  36. Khamenei names Soleimani’s deputy as new al Qods chief
  37. Netanyahu cuts short Greece visit and returns home
  38. Tehran: Soleimani’s death at US hands is a declaration of war
  39. US Mid-East bases and Israel on top alert for Iran’s reprisal
  40. US Mid-East bases and Israel on top alert for repercussions from Iran
  41.  Israel, Greece and Cyprus sign historic subsea gas pipeline project
  42. Tehran Is Bent on Escalating Militia Challenges to US Forces in Iraq
  43.  UK raises questions about Cypriot court ruling against British teenager
  44. Chief Justice Hayut: No law bars Netanyahu from forming government
  45. Leviathan gas field enters first stage of production
  46.  High Court prelim hearing on indicted PM forming government
  47. The man who stabbed 5 Jews in Monsey charged with 5 hate crimes
  48. Anti-government protesters in Iraq blockade oil field
  49. A PMU official: At least 25 Hezballah fighters die in US strikes
  50. US strikes 5 Iranian Al Qods/militia bases in Syria and Iraq. Iranian casualties
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