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  1. Towards a Conversational Agent that Can Chat About…Anything
  2. Releasing the Drosophila Hemibrain Connectome — The Largest Synapse-Resolution Map of Brain Connectivity
  3. Reformer: The Efficient Transformer
  4. Can You Trust Your Model’s Uncertainty?
  5. Using Machine Learning to “Nowcast” Precipitation in High Resolution
  6. Google Research: Looking Back at 2019, and Forward to 2020 and Beyond
  7. ALBERT: A Lite BERT for Self-Supervised Learning of Language Representations
  8. The On-Device Machine Learning Behind Recorder
  9. New Solutions for Quantum Gravity with TensorFlow
  10. Improving Out-of-Distribution Detection in Machine Learning Models
  11. Improvements to Portrait Mode on the Google Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL
  12. Google at NeurIPS 2019
  13. Fairness Indicators: Scalable Infrastructure for Fair ML Systems
  14. Lessons Learned from Developing ML for Healthcare
  15. Understanding Transfer Learning for Medical Imaging
  16. Astrophotography with Night Sight on Pixel Phones
  17. Developing Deep Learning Models for Chest X-rays with Adjudicated Image Labels
  18. Google at ICCV 2019
  19. Introducing the Next Generation of On-Device Vision Models: MobileNetV3 and MobileNetEdgeTPU
  20. SPICE: Self-Supervised Pitch Estimation
  21. RecSim: A Configurable Simulation Platform for Recommender Systems
  22. Joint Speech Recognition and Speaker Diarization via Sequence Transduction
  23. Open Sourcing BERT: State-of-the-Art Pre-training for Natural Language Processing
  24. Google at EMNLP 2018
  25. Introducing AdaNet: Fast and Flexible AutoML with Learning Guarantees
  26. Acoustic Detection of Humpback Whales Using a Convolutional Neural Network
  27. Curiosity and Procrastination in Reinforcement Learning
  28. Fluid Annotation: An Exploratory Machine Learning–Powered Interface for Faster Image Annotation
  29. Fluid Annotation: An Exploratory Machine Learning–Powered Interface for Faster Image Annotation
  30. See Better and Further with Super Res Zoom on the Pixel 3
  31. Applying Deep Learning to Metastatic Breast Cancer Detection
  32. Open Sourcing Active Question Reformulation with Reinforcement Learning
  33. Highlights from the Google AI Residency Program
  34. Introducing the Kaggle “Quick, Draw!” Doodle Recognition Challenge
  35. Building Google Dataset Search and Fostering an Open Data Ecosystem
  36. Google’s Next Generation Music Recognition
  37. Introducing the Unrestricted Adversarial Examples Challenge
  38. The What-If Tool: Code-Free Probing of Machine Learning Models
  39. Text-to-Speech for Low-Resource Languages (Episode 4): One Down, 299 to Go
  40. Introducing the Inclusive Images Competition
  41. Conceptual Captions: A New Dataset and Challenge for Image Captioning
  42. Understanding Performance Fluctuations in Quantum Processors
  43. Teaching the Google Assistant to be Multilingual
  44. Introducing a New Framework for Flexible and Reproducible Reinforcement Learning Research
  45. Moving Beyond Translation with the Universal Transformer
  46. The Machine Learning Behind Android Smart Linkify
  47. MnasNet: Towards Automating the Design of Mobile Machine Learning Models
  48. Machine Learning in Google BigQuery
  49. Machine Learning in Google BigQuery
  50. Announcing Cirq: An Open Source Framework for NISQ Algorithms
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