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  1. A peek inside Core ML
  2. Why learn algorithms?
  3. How fast is my model?
  4. How fast is my model?
  5. One-shot object detection
  6. MobileNet version 2
  7. Custom Layers in Core ML
  8. Training on the device
  9. Compressing deep neural nets
  10. A peek inside Core ML
  11. Help!? The output of my Core ML model is wrong...
  12. Pros and cons of iOS machine learning APIs
  13. YOLO: Core ML versus MPSNNGraph
  14. Google's MobileNets on the iPhone
  15. iOS 11: Machine Learning for everyone
  16. Real-time object detection with YOLO
  17. Forge: neural network toolkit for Metal
  18. Recurrent Neural Networks with Swift and Accelerate
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