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  1. AI in Regulated Industries: The No-Nonsense Guide
  2. The Double Edged Sword of Deep Learning + The Importance of Breakthrough Science
  3. Geometric Methods for Constructing Efficient Neural Net Architectures
  4. Mathematical Acceleration: Incorporating Prior Information to Make Neural Nets Learn 3.5X Faster
  5. Feature Rich – How Features Feature in Our 7.10 Release
  6. Going Deeper: Understanding How Convolutional Neural Networks Learn Using TDA
  7. Transforming Before Your Eyes – New Transformation Services
  8. Innovators are Everywhere: How a Community Hospital Set the Standard for AI
  9. Reverse Engineering Value Based Care: Payers Adopting Clinical Variation Management Software
  10. Using Topological Data Analysis to Understand the Behavior of Convolutional Neural Networks
  11. The Healthcare Battleground + The False Narrative of Efficiency vs. Effectiveness
  12. A Recipe for Success: Introducing the Ayasdi Cookbook and Segmentation Recipe
  13. Navigant + Ayasdi: Blending Expertise with Technology
  14. Three Things: ACAMS Hollywood
  15. What Constitutes an AI Platform?
  16. Intelligent Segmentation for AML – A Practitioner’s View
  17. Beyond Explainability – XAI, Research Areas + TDA
  18. Five Takeaways From Healthcare’s Biggest Event
  19. The Extinction Event in Software
  20. What is a model?
  21. The Forbes Fintech50
  22. Hackathon. Check.
  23. The AI Arms Race – Weapons of Mass Discovery
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