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  1. Bio Nanolaser Proves Fully Functional in Living Tissue
  2. AIM Photonics Attracts Interest from Industry, Government, Academia
  3. Excelfore Receives HELLA, Molex Funding
  4. Libercci Joins MicroCare
  5. Northrop Grumman Army Defense System Ready for Deployment
  6. European Space Imaging Awarded EMSA Contract
  7. Spectroscopy Technique Could Lead to Ways to Convert Carbon Dioxide to Clean Fuel
  8. Scalable Quantum Light Source Could Enable Quantum Cryptography, Computing
  9. Profoundly, LIGO
  10. CST Global Begins Heterostructure Laser Diode Production Capability on MOCVD Reactor
  11. Revitalize Laser Care Opens Denver Facility
  12. NTU Singapore, Delta to Open Second Laboratory
  13. US Navy Granted Patent for Metal Metamaterial
  14. Nanophotonic Optical Gyroscope Is Smaller Than a Grain of Rice
  15. Leti Launches Consortium for Optical Sensors in Chemical Detection
  16. Endocon Uses GE Technology for Hip Implant Removal
  17. Directional Character of Nanolight Could Improve Efficiency of Nanophotonic Devices
  18. OSA Announces Plans for Climate Change Global Network
  19. Plymouth Researchers Awarded $1.3M Grant for Light-Based Space Travel
  20. Optoelectronic Interface Uses Fiber Optic Channel to Stimulate Brain Neurons
  21. Machine Learning Speeds Discovery of New Host Materials for LED Lighting
  22. Deep Learning Approach Streamlines the Design of Metamaterials
  23. EKSPLA Opens UK Facility
  24. Jenoptik Expands Manufacturing Facility
  25. DLP 3D Printing Technique Fabricates Strong, Reconfigurable Origami Structures
  26. NIR Spectroscopy Enables Accurate Evaluation of OA
  27. UC San Diego Opens Nikon Imaging Center
  28. British Researchers Awarded EPSRC Funding for Quantum Laser Project
  29. Study Confirms Light-Induced Phase Changes Happen Differently, Results Could Be Used in Optoelectronics
  30. Bricaud Awarded Oceanography Society Award
  31. Imaging Method Traces 3D-Printed Objects Back to Their Source
  32. Riccardi Joins SPI Lasers
  33. Study Confirms Light-Induced Phase Changes Happen Differently, Results Could Be Used in Optoelectronics
  34. Bricaud Awarded Oceanography Society Award
  35. NASA Begins Citizen Science Program to Monitor Land Cover
  36. $3M Breakthrough Prize Awarded to STORM Microscopy Pioneer
  37. Imaging Method Traces 3D-Printed Objects Back to Their Source
  38. FEFU Team Awarded Russian Material Grant
  39. Universal Photonics to Distribute 3M Polishing Tool
  40. Vision 2018 Showcases Machine Vision Innovation
  41. OCT Tool Explores How Sound Moves Through the Ear
  42. Neuroscience 2018 Encourages Collaboration and Conversation
  43. Palomar Technologies Meets ISO Standards
  44. UNL Using Optomec Additive Manufacturing System for Medical Implants
  45. 3D Vision is Making Warehouse Work Safer
  46. From Vision-Guided Robotics to Smart Cameras, Turnkey Systems Offer Versatility
  47. WMIS Awards 2018 Innovation Award to MILabs
  48. Your Company Is More Than a Listing
  49. New Topological Insulator Paves Way for Light-Matter Interaction Between Systems
  50. In Memoriam: TRUMPF Senior Figure and Partner, Berthold Leibinger, Passes Away
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