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  1. Laser Diode Emits Deep-UV Light
  2. Blue Light Can Improve Sleep, Help Brain Recover from Injury
  3. Deep Learning Enables Real-Time Imaging Around Corners
  4. Slow-Light Waveguide Provides Beam-Steering Capabilities for Lidar
  5. Marriage of Microscopy Techniques Reveals Cells’ 3D Ultrastructure
  6. Heuristic Approach Uses Photonics to Solve Complex Problems Fast
  7. Self-Heating in OLEDs Can Cause Decrease in Luminance
  8. Diagnosis is in the details
  9. Majorana: The So-Called Angel Particle Was Not Discovered
  10. Tuned Resonators Allow Control of Electromagnetically Induced Transparency
  11. Diabetic Smart Contact Lenses Developed by South Korean Research Team
  12. Scientists Analyze Final Images from Cassini
  13. Colloidal Quantum Dot Laser Diodes on the Horizon
  14. CAREER Award Recipient to Explore Potential of Promising New Material
  15. New Rules Reveal How an Object’s Scale Affects Its Interaction with Light
  16. Coherent Shares Rose 10% in December After Spring Downturn
  17. Deep Learning Speeds 3D Microscopic Neuroimaging
  18. LED Lighting Provides Energy Efficiency, But Needs Standards
  19. Quantum Loop Provides Testbed for Quantum Communications
  20. Using Microwave Metamaterials in Machine Learning Speeds Object Recognition
  21. Microresonator Measures and Images Nanoparticles with High Degree of Sensitivity
  22. National Inventors Hall of Fame Announces R. Rox Anderson, 2020 Inductees at CES
  23. What’s Your Edge?
  24. Moth Flight Patterns Help Drones Navigate Complex Environments
  25. Active Thermal Detection Could Broaden Use of Superresolution Techniques
  26. SPIE Announces Its 2020 Fellows
  27. NIST Proposes New Definition for Optical Watt
  28. Field Tests Measuring Solar Panel Performance Could Help Improve PV Technology
  29. Two-Photon Microscopy Shows Learning Involves Different Areas of Brain
  30. Nanoantennas for Data Transfer
  31. Laser Pulse Creates Nonlinear Effects in Amorphous Dielectric Material
  32. Quantum Dots Deliver Vaccines, Encode Vaccination History in the Skin
  33. Osram, Rinspeed to Debut Modular Electric Vehicle at CES 2020
  34. New Nano-Barrier for Composite Material Could Strengthen Spacecraft Payloads
  35. Chip-Based Optical Sensor Detects Cancer Biomarker in Urine
  36. LASER World of PHOTONICS China 2020 focuses on smart manufacturing
  37. Ghost Imaging, Computational Approach Speed Superresolution Microscopy
  38. Titan Enterprises Proposes Solution to Cooling World’s Most Sensitive Astronomical Camera
  39. Multiple Properties of Quantum Materials Probed Simultaneously at Nano Resolution
  40. Researchers Achieve 3D Printed Glass with Complex Geometry
  41. Monograin Layer Solar Cells Improved with Silver
  42. The art of the possible
  43. Quantum Sensors in Diamond Anvils Measure Performance Under Extreme Conditions
  44. Researchers Build Chip-Size Particle Accelerator
  45. Circus Roncalli swaps live animals for ‘holographic’ videos
  46. Researchers Achieve 3D Printed Glass with Complex Geometry
  47. LASER-TEC College Profile
  48. Monograin Layer Solar Cells Improved with Silver
  49. The art of the possible
  50. Quantum Sensors in Diamond Anvils Measure Performance Under Extreme Conditions
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