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  1. DOH! DNS Over HTTPS Poses Possible Risks to Enterprises
  2. DOH! DNS Over HTTPS Poses Possible Risks to Enterprises
  3. 10 Years On – A Look Back at MS08-067
  4. The Underground Job Market
  5. Microsoft Patch Tuesday, October 2018
  6. Credential Leak Flaws in Windows PureVPN Client
  7. CVE-2018-16962: Webroot SecureAnywhere macOS Kernel Level Memory Corruption
  8. Patch Tuesday, September 2018
  9. Stealing Money by Asking for It: Business Email Compromise via Altered Invoices
  10. Advanced Deception with BEC Fraud Attacks
  11. Drupal Cache Poisoning SA-CORE-2018-005
  12. Firework: Leveraging Microsoft Workspaces in a Penetration Test
  13. Oracle Critical Patch Update July 2018 and Security Alert for CVE-2018-3110
  14. CVE-2018-8006: XSS in Apache ActiveMQ
  15. Password Protected Word Document Delivers HERMES Ransomware
  16. Bank Malspam Revisited
  17. Malspam Campaign Targets Banks Using Microsoft Publisher
  18. Patch Tuesday, August 2018
  19. Mapping Social Media with Facial Recognition: A New Tool for Penetration Testers and Red Teamers
  20. Mass MikroTik Router Infection – First we cryptojack Brazil, then we take the World?
  21. SingHealth Data Breach – An Analytical Perspective
  22. CVE-2018-2892 - Kernel Level Privilege Escalation in Oracle Solaris
  23. Malicious SettingContent now delivered through PDF
  24. Unpatched Remote Code Execution in Reprise License Manager
  25. DanaBot Riding Fake MYOB Invoice Emails
  26. Inspecting Encrypted Network Traffic with JA3
  27. Patch Tuesday, July 2018
  28. Red Alert v2.0: Misadventures in Reversing Android Bot Malware
  29. Patch Tuesday, June 2018
  30. Adobe Flash Player 0-Day (CVE-2018-5002)
  31. Underground Code of Honor
  32. Breakdown of the EFAIL Email Vulnerabilities
  33. CVE-2018-8174 and Forcing Internet Explorer Exploits
  34. CVE-2018-1000136 - Electron nodeIntegration Bypass
  35. Patch Tuesday, May 2018
  36. "Drupalgeddon2" Recent Developments
  37. WD My Cloud EX2 Serves Your Files to Anyone
  38. Using IPv6 to Bypass Security
  39. All Your Base64 Are Belong To Us – Dynamic vs. Static Analysis of Web Content
  40. Patch Tuesday, April 2018
  41. Crypter-as-a-Service Helps jRAT Fly Under The Radar
  42. Patch Tuesday, March 2018
  43. Trustwave Web Application Firewall Signature Update 4.52 Now Available
  44. Fake ASIC Renewal Spam Delivers Malware to Australian Companies
  45. Multi-Stage Email Word Attack Without Macros
  46. Flash Zero Day (CVE-2018-4878)
  47. Microsoft Patch Tuesday, February 2018
  48. Multiple Vulnerabilities in NETGEAR Routers
  49. Multiple Vulnerabilities in WD MyCloud
  50. ModSecurity - News and Commercial Rules Update
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