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  1. BrainChip Takes Spiking Neural Networks to the Next Level
  2. Trains with brains
  3. Neural nets video II
  4. Neural nets videos
  5. IMF Says Bitcoin Could Create Less Demand for Regular Debt-based Fiat Money
  6. Bitcoin Cash and Ethereum Trading Volume Soars But Ripple Keeps Falling
  7. Most Masternode Coins Are a Scam
  8. a New Web Resource Dedicated to Bitcoin Cash
  9. Review: Ledger Nano S Put to the Test
  10. Bitcoin in Brief Thursday: Asus Creates 20-GPU Mining Motherboard
  11. Markets Update: Slight Comeback Shows Cryptocurrencies Press Forward
  12. PR: Former Head of Strategy & Operations Consulting at KPMG Joins XinFin Platform
  13. Ray Kurzweil interviews Marvin Minsky (Video): Is singularity near?
  14. Eric Drexler, The Coming Era of Nanotechnology
  15. Marvin Minsky, a theory of memory
  16. Marvin Minsky, steps toward AI
  17. Marvin Minsky, Society of Mind...
  18. Perceptrons...Marvin Minsky and Seymour Papert
  19. Bitcoin in Brief Monday: Poloniex Responds to Frozen Accounts Complaints
  20. Enables Free Bitcoin Cash Point-of-Sale Platform
  21. Bitcoin Use Case: Limiting Government Growth
  22. Markets Update: Stormy Weather Continues to Plague Cryptocurrency Traders
  23. CNBC Shows Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Love, Predicts Mooning
  24. Spanish Regulator Open to Approving Funds Investing Directly in Cryptocurrencies
  25. Inside the Competitive World of OTC Bitcoin Trading
  26. Bitcoin in Brief Friday: UN Backs Crypto-Solar Project in Moldova, Malta Uses Blockchain in Public Transportation
  27. Investment Platform Etoro Launches in the US with 10 Cryptocurrencies
  28. Bitcoin in Brief Wednesday: Coinbase Goes After Big Money as Nomura Creates Komainu
  29. Arrest Warrants Issued to Employees of South Korean Crypto Exchange
  30. Korean Regulators Widen Investigation of Cryptocurrency Exchanges
  31. Pakistanis Find Ways to Trade Bitcoin Rendering Ban Ineffective
  32. BCH-Powered Social Media Apps Launch New Features
  33. PR: BitBoost’s Blockchain Marketplace Goes Live in June
  34. Launching an ICO Token on Ethereum in Less Than Thirty Minutes
  35. Bitcoin in Brief Thursday: Bitcoin Supporter Might Be Next NY Attorney General
  36. Underperforming Tokens on Kucoin Will Be Sent for a Timeout
  37. CFTC’s Christopher Giancarlo Criticizes Outdated Regulatory Mandate
  38. Portale dedicato al deep learning
  39. BRD Wallet ‘Augustus’ Release Features In-App Cryptocurrency Trading
  40. PR: Viola.AI Introduces REL – Registry – The World’s First Global Relationship Registry on The Blockchain
  41. Japanese Forex Giant GMO to Launch New UK Crypto Trading App
  42. Bitcoin in Brief Tuesday: IOTA Ditched, Bitcoin Taking Over Popular Culture
  43. Bitcoin Cash Meetups Grow Wildly Across the Globe
  44. Bitcoin Futures Markets See a Big Uptick in Trade Volume
  45. Court Orders Chilean Banks to Re-Open Crypto Exchange Accounts
  46. PR: First Cryptocurrency with an Encrypted Reference Line Can Now Be Traded (RECO)
  47. The Notorious Bunny Ranch Brothel Now Accepts Bitcoin
  48. New Self-Regulatory Rules for Crypto Exchanges in South Korea Clarified
  49. James Bond-Like Villain in $2 Million Bitcoin Heist Caught in Amsterdam
  50. 16 Regulated Crypto Exchanges Unveil Plans to Restore Public Trust in Japan
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